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Hi! Great to see you logged in and using the Community platform. Just a couple of handy tips to get you started with The Sonar Curriculum:

●Check out Map Maker, our fantastic new tool to help you create your own bespoke maps, overviews and plans

●To save yourself hours of time, have a good look through our ‘Resources’ section. Here, you’ll find hundreds of resources to help you deliver exciting, engaging and purposeful learning opportunities (not a single, boring worksheet in sight…)

●Many of our current users have asked for support with sequencing learning so they could be sure children were building on previous knowledge so we have created hundreds of Learning Sequences to help with this

Take your time to have a good look through all of the products and materials and remember- this Community platform is a great place to share your own fabulous hints, tips, ideas and resources with other users.

If you have any problems at all, visit our Help Centre. We’d love to help!

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