Friendship and Responsibility


Possibility: I can make friends

Intent: Children will learn that they can make friendships, it is an active process that requires thought and effort and they have the power to choose and build relationships that make them feel happy and safe.

Children will learn how to make, maintain, repair and evaluate relationships. Children will be taught that they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect and that they too, have a responsibility to treat others with kindness and respect both in person and in the virtual world.


PSHE: Relationships

Family and Friendships

-Making friends, feeling lonely and getting help

Safe Relationships

-Managing secrets, resisting pressure and getting help. Recognising hurtful behaviour


RE: Special Places

What are my special places?

Why are churches special places?

What happens at church during Harvest Festival?

What happens during the festival of Sukkot and what does it remind Jews of?

Why is the Western Wall so important to Jews today?