History- World War 2


Cause and events of World War 2. Link to WW1. Also link to previous work on invasion (Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, etc). What life was like during the period.

A good opportunity to link with a local study, e.g. what life was like in the area during WW2, who are the names on the commeroratve plaque in school- who are they, where did they die, where are they buried? Chadwell Heath cemetary off Whalebone Lane Nth.

Hardy Amies- English fashion designer from Dagenham fought in WW2 https://www.chsra.org.uk/heritage

Historical Association: https://www.history.org.uk/primary/resource/9411/incorporating-the-second-world-war-into-your-local 


https://www.history.org.uk/primary/categories/217/resource/9433 The Blitz