Assessment is the bridge between teaching and learning and effective assessment ensures that children are appropriately supported and challenged.

Having assessed pupils’ ability both formatively and summatively against the standardised objectives, accurate assessment information can be collated quickly. This, in turn, informs planning, CPD and leadership priorities by analysing attainment and progress for all pupils and key groups.

Sonar Curriculum can be assessed using any of Juniper Education’s Assessment Trackers. To find out how to switch on / access the standardised objectives, contact our Support Team via the Help & Support tab (above).

For schools that are not using one of Juniper Education’s Assessment Trackers, the Wider Curriculum Assessment document can be used to measure the impact of curriculum implementation.

In a culture of inspection and moderation, schools and school leaders need to be well-prepared to discuss the rationale behind their curriculum design. The External Moderation Readiness Guide allows leaders to continually assess and moderate the effectiveness of their curriculum intent, implementation and impact.