Feedback & Planning Templates

All too often, the process of planning and feedback/marking becomes overwhelming and lacks purpose. Understandably, teachers resent having to spend hours and hours filling in copious planning grids and writing lengthy responses to children’s work which often have little, if any, impact on children’s learning. The Concentric Curriculum offers a number of solutions to help streamline this process.

The Planning Template offers a less fragmented approach to planning and has been carefully designed to minimise workload. The structure of the document encourages staff to consider the sequence of teaching and learning to ensure cumulative fluency across an area.

The Feedback Stickers are a useful tool for minimising marking and come in a range of formats, depending on the feedback given eg Consolidation, Next Step etc. The titles at the top of each sticker match each colour and strand of the curriculum area which helps to focus feedback against the appropriate learning. In a similar way to the planning templates, the stickers are provided in an editable form so they can be tweaked and/or pre-populated with comments.