Learning Sequences

While pedagogical approach and contexts vary widely from school to school, what is fundamentally important, regardless of individual circumstances, is the sequence of teaching and learning. Within every subject, staff should ensure that they are delivering the right objectives at the right time. For example, what is the correct sequence of teaching and learning in History within any given year group? Identifying appropriate starting points in every subject is crucial to cumulative fluency and ensures that no learning time is lost.

The Learning Sequences offer clarity around short-term planning thus saving teachers hours of time. Each document takes the objectives to be covered within a particular Theme or Unit of Learning and plots not only the sequence of delivery, but also suggests activities and tasks for implementation. This ensures that teaching and learning is sequential and children are always building on previous knowledge. The activities are suggestions as to how staff may want to deliver a particular objective, but of course the school has absolute autonomy over this and may choose to implement this in their own way.