As a Core Subject, it is imperative that Maths is mapped clearly and cohesively to ensure the best outcomes for children. Sequence of teaching is at the heart of The Sonar Curriculum and Maths is no exception.

The Maths Curriculum Map provides clarity around coverage in each year group. To ensure depth of understanding, each of the eight strands (eg Addition and Subtraction, Number Sense etc) is addressed over a number of weeks (typically four) and where appropriate, is revisited at least one more time during the academic year. By the end of a year, children have covered all strands in the Maths Programme of Study on more than one occasion.

The Maths Synopses per year group support the delivery of the Maths curriculum by detailing the specific objectives covered along with prior knowledge and future learning opportunities. This fully comprehensive overview of the Maths curriculum ensures cumulative fluency, in which children are always building on previous learning. The Maths Synopses also provide leaders and teachers with age-appropriate mathematical vocabulary, which children use and apply to support their mathematical understanding.