Subject-Specific Yearly Overviews

One implementation opportunity is the Subject-Specific Curriculum. Under this model, subject-specific  units of learning are mapped across an academic year with each one encompassing a small number of curriculum areas. Each unit lasts approximately two-four weeks and provides an engaging, purposeful context for all learning.

The Subject-Specific Yearly Overviews detail the units of learning for each year group, clarifying the subject areas covered and suggesting appropriate writing opportunities. Every foundation subject, and every writing opportunity, is revisited two-three times over the course of the year to ensure both depth of understanding and a broad and balanced approach.

One of the main benefits of the Subject-Specific Curriculum is that every year group follows the same area of the curriculum at the same time. This model is powerful for a number of reasons: it enables leaders to plan deliberate leadership activity around monitoring; it provides a “snapshot” of any given subject at a given time across the whole school, to maximise cumulative fluency; and it allows leaders to plan targeted CPD and INSET training to enhance and improve staff’s subject-knowledge. For example, if leaders know that there is an upcoming Unit where the whole school will be addressing D&T, they can ensure that appropriate training is delivered to staff well in advance.