Curriculum Toolkit


A cohesive, clear and concentric approach to delivering The Primary National Curriculum, where knowledge, skills and understanding are deepened and widened over time.



Subject Overviews  

  • Available for every foundation and core subject
  • Identifies key strands per subject
  • Identifies key stage objectives per subject
  • Provides teacher guidance to support further curriculum mapping


KS1 and KS2 Overviews

  • Provides all foundation subject objectives on one page
  • Underpins broad and balanced curriculum design
  • Outlines expectations across a key stage


Year Group Overviews

  • Year group standardised objectives for each foundation subject
  • Explicit identification of what is to be taught in every year
  • Facilitates progression within year group and across key stages
  • Deliberate sequencing ensures cumulative fluency


Subject Sequences  

  • Available for every foundation subject
  • Sequenced objectives across every strand of every foundation subject
  • Demonstrates progression and sequence of knowledge, skills and understanding


Subject Leader Overview

  • Available for all foundation subjects
  • Provides clarity around content to be covered and sequence of delivery per subject
  • Empowers subject leaders & curriculum leaders to quality assure implementation


Statement of Intent

  • Available for all foundation subjects
  • Captures deliberate process of thinking that takes place before curriculum mapping
  • Supports leadership in rationale for curriculum intent


Wider Curriculum Assessment:

  • Measures impact of foundation subject implementation across school
  • Informs planning, CPD and leadership priority
  • Analyses attainment and progress for key groups of pupils


Curriculum Coverage Grids:

  • Available for all foundation subjects and year groups
  • Provides auditbased approach to underpin curriculum mapping
  • Ensures broad and balanced curriculum design


External Moderation Readiness Guide

  • Supports leaders for ‘deep dive’ methodology
  • Provides exemplar questions and responses that prepare leaders for moderation
  • Supports curriculum mapping and design decision making
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